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CAA member William ("Ron") Little
wrote a book titled;
"Roadside Bombs and Democracy"

Ron Little is a Florida native and is a member of OakLeaf Plantation Baptist Church in Orange Park, Florida. Ron and his beautiful wife, Brenda, have been married for over twenty-five years. They have two children and one grandson."



"'They say your life can change in an instant; well, mine changed in a brilliant, almost blinding flash of orange and red fire. The sound was almost deafening. I remember thinking, That was a big one. Then I realized we had been hit. Smoke and dust filled the vehicle; the smell and taste of the explosives filled my nose and mouth. The vehicle stalled from the concussion, and it took a few seconds to clear the ‘cobwebs' from my mind; everyone else was quiet for a brief moment.'

Roadside Bombs and Democracy is a down-to-earth story about one American police officer's experiences as an advisor in Kosovo and Iraq. It gives a ground-floor look at the duties and experiences of a former cop working on the front lines, training and advising police officers in countries torn by war, ethnic, and religious strife.

"Roadside Bombs and Democracy is filled with awe-inspiring stories that will bring awareness to the American public concerning the sacrifices made by both civilians and military men and women during the current War on Terror. With numerous stories from the battlefield, everyone is bound to see the patriotism in Roadside Bombs and Democracy.


Our organization helps to promote and continue those friendships/bonds made in mission.  Keeping people connected. 

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Steve Martin DPS-Afghanistan.jpg

Steve and his wife, Carolee are both IPA's and have served in Kosovo and Afghanistan.  Carolee is still currently in Afghanistan mission. Steve is still a sworn member of AZ DPS.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 marked the one year anniversary for Steve's injuries.  

Late morning on 24 September 2008, Steve Martin was in the lead humvee of a five vehicle convoy to meet with his Afghan counter-parts at the Chark District ANP Station.  His humvee went over a command detonated IED, resulting in severe injuries - mostly to his legs.

Semi-conscious he lay on the ground while IPLO Jose Guillen shielded him from the sporadic small arms fire.  (Jose would later receive a Medal of Valor for his actions.)

Steve recovering in hospital

So far, Steve has had 13 surgeries to date.  Steve's right leg is now going to be amputated on Nov 3rd. He will also be having extensive surgery on the left leg simultaneously to address issues there. All of the hardware will be removed, skin grafts excised, and the achilles will be cut, extended, and reattached.

Steve will have to learn to walk on a prosthetic...after his left leg heals.

Steve and wife Carolee

Imagine how frightening it must be to have to make the conscious decision to have a part of your body amputated.  Steve is doing this because he believes he will never get back any quality of life with his legs the way they are at present. There is still a chance his other leg will have to be amputated too - but for now he has agreed to other surgeries in an attempt to save it.

Steve and Carolee - Teamwork
Steve - Kosovo Mission

His lovely wife, Carolee will be coming home from Afghanistan to be there with Steve when he wakes up from surgery.

Steve reports that he feels "surprisingly calm" considering what is in store for him. His
goal is simply to be able to put his uniform on again and go back to working Highway Patrol.

We are confident Steve will walk again.  He is an inspiration to us all.


Our organization helps to promote and continue those friendships/bonds made in mission.  Keeping people connected. 

If you would like to wish Steve well - you will find his information in the MEMBER DIRECTORY
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