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CivPol Alumni Association

Your service to spreading justice and democracy to all comes with unexpected consequences. We know too well as we have endure the lost of many good officers in the line of duty. Join now so that you are assured of the support and services we will provide you and should we lose you we will be there with your family members to service them in your absence. Don't deny the worst case scenario, join the ranks of your fellow officers so we can empower the strength of many.

This registration and renewal form accepts payments via PayPal, but you do NOT have to have a PayPal account!  Look in the lower left corner of the PayPal screen for the link to pay without a PayPal account and you can just use your credit card to make a payment.

While in the PayPal screen DO NOT insert your email and if it is there already and you are not paying using a PayPal account delete your email before you click to pay by credit card. 

Thank You for your Support!!


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