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MARK LEWIS - President

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Mark Lewis served in Kosovo from November 2003-June 2004.  Mark was assigned briefly to CCIU but was primarily assigned as the Deputy Station Commander of Decani Station, Peja Region.  He was seriously injured in June and following a month of surgery and recovery in Austria was repatriated.  Mark has been a member of the CivPol Alumni Association since it's conception and is committed to making the organization succeed and grow.

Mark is in his 31st year with the Bellevue, WA Police Department, a Lieutenant assigned to Investigations. Assignments and certifications include FTO, SWAT Operator, bicycle patrol unit, white collar detective, Peer and CISM counselor, and Honor Guard member and supervisor.  


PETER TRAGNI - Vice President


Peter served in Iraq from Feb. 2004 - Feb.2005.  Peter served in several supervisory assignments during his tour.  While stationed in Tikrit, Arbil, Karbala and Baghdad he trained, mentored and evaluated Iraqi Police and Instructors.  Peter has been a member of the CivPol Alumni Association since the Dallas conference.  Peter is currently working on getting recognition for our KIA members and award of the Defense of Freedom Medal.

Peter has been with the Danbury Ct. Police Department for 22 years, currently assigned as a Sgt. in Patrol.  Peter holds a Masters Degree in Counseling.  He is a critical incident debriefer and PTSD counselor, a Police Trainer and Honor Guard member.

DERRICK ISACKSON - 2nd Vice President


Derrick Isackson is a graduate of Montana State University with a bachelor's degree in Social and Criminal Justice. Derrick went on to receive his law degree from Gonzaga University, graduating

magna cum laude. Derrick was a police officer for approximately ten years with the City of Edmonds and Bellevue Police Departments in Washington State. Derrick worked mainly in patrol as an Officer and Corporal. Derrick also performed the duties of field training officer and emergency vehicle operator instructor and was a member of the Honor Guard. In 2003 he was awarded the Bellevue Police Medal for actions he took in apprehending  an armed robbery suspect with deadly force when the suspect attemped to fire upon pursuing officers.

Derrick left law enforcement in 2006 and for the past seven years has worked as a labor attorney in the law firm Vick, Julius, McClure, P.S., where he is currently a partner. His firm represents only law enforcement and law enforcement support unions, guilds, and associations. Derrick represents law enforcement unions in the negotiation of contracts and assists them through the grievance process. The most satisfying part of Derrick's job is his representation of law enforcement officers involved in the use of deadly force. Derrick assists officers through the criminal investigation and administrative process of officer involved shootings, getting the officer or deputy back on the job when they are ready to return to duty.



SUSAN BRUNE - Secretary / Treasurer

Susan Brune is a graduate of the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, graduating cum laude. She went on to earn her teaching certification from Central Washington University. She held positions at Starbucks and Lucent Technology where she was responsible for bottom-line business accountability in the areas of marketing, sales management, event planning and recruiting. She also taught business operations and marketing to high school students.

Susan has volunteered for the CivPol Alumni Association for the past 4 years in several capacities including executive assistant, marketing and communications. She believes that the Civilian Police Mission is one of the most honorable and dangerous jobs that a Police Officer can participate in during their career. Susan is highly passionate and driven to advocate for the CivPol Officers and their families to ensure they receive the benefits and recognition they deserve.

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