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Long-Awaited Honor
On Friday, July 6th, 2012 the first Defense of Freedom Medal (the civilian equivalent of the Purple Heart) was awarded to fallen CivPol / IPA officer Debbie Klecker. Debbie was killed by an IED in Iraq in 2005.
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CivPol Alumni Association (CAA) President Mark Lewis and Executive Assistant Susan Brune participated in the ceremony and Debbie's brother, Greg Klecker, a tireless advocate for his sister, received the medal that was presented by Senator Wyden.


     We are very excited to announce that NINETEEN DEFENSE OF FREEDOM MEDALS have now been awarded to our fallen CivPol/IPA officers.
     After nearly five years of  lobbying, phone calling, and working our way through the government bureaucracy maze, we successfully obtained the necessary documents and partnered with the Department of Defense (DOD) to get these 19 DFM's awarded. This was a huge effort by CAA's President Mark Lewis, Vice President Peter Tragni and Executive Assistant Susan Brune.
     One of our contacts in Washington, DC, Senator Ron Wyden(OR) expressed interest in helping us. It was his involvement, and that of other Senators that motivated DOD to work with us.  This success began with the award of the DFM to Debbie Klecker. Then we submitted documents for the next eighteen awards which eventually led to a large ceremony held by DynCorp this past February to honor their CivPol / IPA officers killed in the line of duty. 
     The nineteenth medal was awarded in March at a ceremony in Phoenix, AZ  held by PAE to honor Corrections Officer Santa Gracia Ramirez. 
 " Today we remember Santa as a patriot, called to serve her country and defend the rights and freedoms that we enjoy and others deserve," said PAE CEO Michael Dignam. Commanding General of the Arizona National Guard  Major General Salazar presented the award to Ramirez's daughter, Soria Prokopich.

CAA Executive Assistant Susan
Brune and Soriah Prokopich stand together after Soriah receives the DFM for her mother Santa Gracia Ramirez.


Lt. Gen. Phillips presents the DFM to Ra Lt.Gen. Phillips presents the DFM to Ranger Studie, Grandson of Mike Dawes. Mike was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber in 2005.Lt. Gen. Phillips presents the DFM to Ranger Studie, Grandson of Mike Dawes.
thPresMarkLewis and our Admin Assistant Susan 
Greg Klecker (Debbie's brother),  Mark Lewis (CAA President) and Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon stand together after Greg receives the DFM for his sister Debbie Klecker.


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Legislative Updates
Your board is continuing efforts to work with all stakeholders to resolve the issue of our fallen brothers and sisters not being recognized on the national memorial wall. We feel we are making progress and will advise membership of our successes along the way. Additionally, we are working with both the Department of State and representatives in congresss to resolve several of the loopholes in deployments that have caused many problems. Our primary goals remain to see that all those who qualify receive the DFM and those officers killed in the line of duty have their names placed on the national memorial wall.

The CIVPOL Alumni Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 and is dedicated to providing those who served on a CivPol mission a forum to exchange information and maintain relationships fostered in difficult and challenging environments.

The Civilian Police Mission is one of the most challenging and honorable jobs that a Law Enforcement Official can participate in during their career. It is a goal of the CAA to garner the recognition that those officials deserve, and to remember those who did not return from these missions.

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